Verb Tenses


  Active Form

             Passive Form


Present Progressive

They are eating dinner.

He is doing the work.

Dinner is being eaten.

The work is being done.


Present Simple

He drives the car.

We wash the dogs once a week.

The car is driven.

The dogs are washed once a week.


Past Simple

She made a cake.

They fixed the cars.

A cake was made.

The cars were fixed.


Past Progressive

They were doing the tests.

He was calling me.

The tests were being done.

I was being called.


Present Perfect

They have painted the walls.

She has washed the hair.

The walls have been painted.

The hair has been washed.


Present Perfect Progressive

We have been reading the book.

She has been doing the dishes.



Past Perfect

We had done the project.

She had planned the trip.

The project had been done.

The trip had been planned.


Past Perfect Progressive

The kids had been playing tennis.

I had been feeling sick.



Simple Future

Tony will bring the cds.

She will get the letter.

The cds will be brought.

The letter will be gotten.


Future Progressive

They will be contacting you.

He will be teaching Spanish soon.



Future Perfect

I will have finished dinner.

Sally will have studied Physics.

Dinner wil have been finished.

Physics will have been studied.


Future Perfect Progressive

I will have been studying Chemistry.

She will have been living in London.



Immediate Future

I'm going to send an e-mail.

Barbara is going to water the plants.

An e-mail is going to be sent.

The plants are going to be watered.


Modal Verbs

You can sign the document.

Dan should eat fruits.

The document can be signed.

Fruits should be eaten by Dan.


Modal Perfect Verbs

You could have bought the car.

They must have seen this film.

The car could have been bought.

This film must have been seen.